Pembroke Springs Retreat

Manager: Lisa Floyd
Address: 6238 Wardensville Grade Star Tannery, Virginia 22654
Phone: 540-877-2600
Bathrooms: 5

The Retreat is located on a 175 acre tract of field and natural forest, with a stream, a pond, and numerous springs. In addition to the newly constructed Retreat Guest House, there is another, more Rustic Cabin, an animal pen, where various birds and animals are raised, and the Floyd’s home. The wild life is abundant, both native and migratory, and the views are spectacular at all times of the year.

On the main floor, there are five guest bedrooms with individual bathrooms, a comfortable common room, and our dining room. Four guest rooms have a dynamic view of Great North Mountain. The two large Japanese baths and a Japanese style sitting room are located on the lower level, also with splendid views of the mountainside. The premises are wheel chair accessible.

In addition to the two large Japanese baths, which are fed by our natural spring waters, there is an excellent all-weather tennis court (acrylic tile). Guests can also fish (without a license) at the pond, which is well-stocked with bass and bluegill. Several miles of easy, well-marked hiking trails twist around the property for those who love nature walks. Come and enjoy a unique mountain country experience, with the distinct flavor of Japan.